Yes!!!!!! – Enemy Combants Now POW’s

Quick post, for something really good that happened today. President Bush today sent those people who had been held in previously classified undisclosed locations operated by the CIA into the military’s hands and will receive the full protection of the Geneva Convention. This is wonderful news as the CIA has not been required to meet the same guidelines as the military integrators are required to meet and there have been reports that the detainees had been subject to what is best described as borderline torture. In other words torture depending on who is talking about it and what your definition of it is, specifically waterboarding or simulating that someone is drowning. However President Bush also wishes to have legislation approved that would place the new POW’s back into the hands of the CIA and allow for secret trials where the rules of evidence are far more lax as to what can and can’t be introduced than would be acceptable anywhere else in the modern world expect for places such as China and some of the old Soviet Bloc countries that have not updated their judicial codes. A full post will be posted in several hours, though not covering this topic.







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