Will I get an iPhone?

Well I suppose I have to eventually post, whether or not I will get an iPhone. Reading all the numerous reviews, the positives and the negatives. I have to say I will get an iPhone though not today, I will wait for one that will work on a 3G network. Let me first off say that I don’t currently have an iPod, I have a Palm Pilot (Tungsten E2) that doubles as my music/video player. I have two SD 1GB cards for it, one for music and videos and one for data and that is enough for several hours worth of entertainment. That is more than I generally need, even when flying all day, I don’t run out of something to listen to. I do have the ability to work on documents and such, however I can’t program and I can’t surf the internet or get my e-mail. This has been a real pain for me, especially since my laptop is dead and even if I got it working, it wouldn’t be useful on the go.

I think at this point, until an iPhone is released that will work with AT&T 3G network, then I’ll look at getting one, until then, no. Buying the iPhone however would be an investment, for the pure and simple reason of getting a full fledged browser on a mobile device. Although it wouldn’t allow me to access my current programing project of the month, I would be able to answer my e-mails and keep up with feeds, that would be a pleasure in and of itself.

For everyone else, it depends on what you need and want. Do you need and want a mobile web device that has a camera (although a bad one), a web browser on the go (Currently only Wifi or AT&T 2.5G network which has an average speed under 100 kbps), and doubles as a video iPod? If so then get one, myself personally I am not that much of an Apple fan, nor do I need a iPod enough to shell over $500 plus the data plan, but I do need a mobile internet device, but one with a faster connection.


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