Football Fans

This is a post about sports, which admittedly I am neither a huge fan nor all that knowledgeable about. However last night I was having a conversation with several people and realized I needed to speak out.

This person was describing different things that he saw fans of my school Texas Tech University, shout, say, yell at fans of the team we played last night and bitter rivals Texas A&M. He described seeing a 6 year old being cussed at. Okay, people STOP NOW!!! That is both stupid and immature and rude and just plain degrading to the school. I can understand being happy, even ecstatic at your team winning especially against a rival, and being pissed when losing. But cussing out anyone, any school, much less a 6 year old is way over the line. Another friend described that when the band was leaving A&M, they required a police escort the crowds were so riled up and unruly towards them. Also when the school was playing their fight song the crowd (mainly just the student section) will boo so as to overshadow them.

Yeah, shout, yell, scream, jump for joy when you win, get upset, and feel bad when you lose, but doing things like cussing out the students, booing the students and team, and just plain being rude to the other team doesn’t make sense. Several reasons, it makes your school look like poor losers and no one wants to play against poor losers, also it makes you look like a dumb a**. The biggest thing is that parents won’t want to bring their kids to the games, or start associating with the school when that sort of behavior becomes commonplace and even expected. Where do a lot of the students at Texas Tech get the desire to attend this school, they grew up with the school for a lot of them. Their parents and in many cases grandparents attended or work at this school. Those parents tell their kids “Go look at Tech it’s an awesome school, I went there, you should too.”

And you know what that kind of advertising works, and it is the best ad Tech could ever have. The worst kind is a video of a Tech fan cussing out a 6 year old. Which way do you think Tech (and any other school) should be advertising itself to it’s next students?


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