Twitter Becomes Better With More People

Robert Scoble, recently wrote an blog post responding to Phil Crissman about his Twitter behavior. Phil was basically asking him if he could actually get anything of value out of 6,000 people talking on Twitter, or was it all just “eating a sandwich” type of information. I have to say that I have been slowly increasing the number of people that I am following on Twitter, and while it can sometimes get annoying seeing it never stop going off telling me someone just said something, it is also fascinating. I love it, the information flow is amazing in this environment, people are discussing all kinds of things at once and then conversations can develop on a topic in a matter of seconds that will have 10, 15, 20 or more people all discussing back and forth. Twitter really is a social im as I talked about in an earlier post. It does get better with more people, for you are expanding the depth and breadth of information all at the same time.


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