Hey Let’s Get Smart People

Two articles today stood out in my mind today as I went through the day’s news. The first is from New Scientist, saying that access to family planning and contraception lowers the rate of abortion. The second from a feminist blog, Feministing.com, talked about the Bush administration’s appointee to the family planning office. This appointee doesn’t approve of contraception or comprehensive sex-ed. The issue I have here is that conservatives are all about ending abortion and then they take steps that increases the likelihood of abortion being used as a form of birth control. It seems to make perfect sense to me, if you want to end abortion that provide for other avenues to eliminate the conceptions that make abortion necessary by people. Most studies show that 90% of females under 30 to age 18 use contraceptives. No matter where you stand on the issue, it seems to make obvious sense that if you don’t like abortion that eliminate the need for abortion and presto abortion becomes a null and void issue. Abstinence only sex-ed doesn’t work, outlawing abortion doesn’t work. so what does? Maybe providing contraception for cheap so everybody can afford it, providing the information so people are knowledgeable about their choices, and making adoption a cheap alternative.

P.S. Feministing is a good blog, but they need to learn to tone down their adjectives, calling people names makes you look stupid and destroys your credibility.


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