16 Dec

Facebook Marketplace: For Sale AK-47?

So this is being quickly put out there, but in the Facebook Marketplace, I just witnessed an AK-47 for sale. Does this seem at odds with the normal rules on gun sales. I’ll have to look at this closer but doing a quick search on ebay for AK-47 or even looking for guns in general reveals nothing more than parts and airsoft rifles. Facebook may have just developed a new problem. I’m going to look into the regulations governing gun sales, especially online, but it is my understanding that you have to preform a background search on the person before the sale can be finalized.

More on this as it develops.

Update (16 Dec. 2007 1:52pm) The sale of guns online looks iffy at best according to this article from Internet Business Law Services.

Update (16 Dec. 2007 2:33pm) Facebook Marketplace Guidelines do not allow firearms to be sold.

Update (16 Dec. 2007 6:56pm) An AR-22 was also placed for sale today, in the same marketplace.

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