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I thought with the lack of news going on this week, I would provide some info onto what I am currently working on. I have decided to create a library organization software, both to fulfill a need in my life and to experiment with some new technologies for myself. The eventual goal is to create a piece of software that allows you to add items such as books and dvds to a database that stores all the information associated with the item and even where it is located. I would like to make the collection easily searched so I can find exactly what I am looking for and if I own the item. I’m currently above 500 books with more being added every month and it has started becoming a hassle knowing if I own an item or not. This problem has been growing and pushed off to the side for several years now. I am finally getting the time to address it and I’ll address it the way that I know the best, with software.

I’ve been planning and writing some of the preliminary code for this library software for several weeks now and have a pretty good idea of where I want this to go and what I hope to learn along the way.

I’m initially going to write this as a desktop app in Java. I would like to eventually port/rewrite it into a web app along with an Open Social and Facebook integrated widget. I am also doing this because I want to release something that is FOSS, and hopefully solve this problem that was on Slashdot awhile back but without the cost associated with the solutions given.

I’ll hopefully be working on this and blogging about it every week or so to keep everybody updated. I will be releasing it to the public and the community when I hit a version that is runnable as well as fully understand the licensing and other work that I may have to do to keep it an open source project. Also I don’t currently have a name for this project and would appreciate any and all suggestions.





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