Presidential Election for US in 2008 Predictions

Short and sweet post tonight about the presidential election here in the US. Tonight the Iowa caucuses, the first in a multi-state system whereby each primary party chooses their candidate for President of the US, was completed. As reported by the BBC, Huckabee received the Republican nomination, with Obama taking the Democratic caucus. All right so I’m going to go out on a limb and give my predictions for the election.

Huckabee will be the Republican nominee, with Romney being the VP candidate. They are the two with both tons of media exposure that keeps building and their policies are close enough that they can be compatible with each other. Also Romney gains a reach to an area that typically votes Democratic, the Northeast.

On the Democratic side, Obama being the Presidential nominee and Edwards being the VP candidate. This is an easy call, mainly because the field is pretty small, although there are good candidates with not much exposure (looking at you Richardson), the big three are all that matter. Hillary will not and can not play second fiddle to someone, she doesn’t have the personality for it. Edwards also is a natural fit with his talk of “Two Americas” that fits in very closely with Obama’s call for a change in America.

Final election call: Democratic Win. While there are definite pressures associated with Obama being a non-white male and shall we say suggestions from opponents that he is either Muslim or related to Osama Bin Laden. Obama has made a call that is invigorating to a great many of the country for a real change that many both political pundits and common person on the street are calling real. Also Obama has been viewed as a Kennedy of this current generation. These are powerful images that are hard to fight against, granted also with that Obama doesn’t have any hard positions to try and defend such as both voting for and against the War in Iraq. Also this election even more so than the last election could very easily turn into an anti-Republican vote more than a pro-Democratic vote.

Note: I am not any sort of political expert, studying politics is simply a past time for myself. Also any political affiliations that I hold are my own and do not in any way mean I consistently vote for any organization or even believe in the majority of beliefs expressed by that organization. I vote based on issues not along party/organization lines.







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