Friendfeed Rocks

For the past several months I have been using Friendfeed and it rocks. The basic service aggregates RSS feeds from across the web. Of course this is a little bit simplistic so allow me to explain. Friendfeed allows you to plug in all the sites where you reside on the interwebs and bring all those feeds together into one massive feed. You can add friends as they join up and bring all of your friends actions on the web together all at once. The even better aspect of the service is that if a friend doesn’t use the service, you can create them. By which, Friendfeed allows you to create “imaginary friends” and add all of the places they reside and the associated feed and poof your friend is now visible in your Friendfeed.

The service has some other cool little tricks to make it all Web 2.0 compliment, including it’s own sorta social network. You can ask for recommended friends who are friends with your real friends already on the site. You can also “like” or comment on events very quickly and easily. Letting your friend, know “Hey cool shoes, where can I find those?” The site itself is not flashy, but that makes it work. You don’t need a ton of gimmicks when all you need and use the site for is to read what all your friends are doing.

The site already has a Facebook app that does a neat trick. When the Facebook app is added by your friend on Facebook, you will see their data in your feed. Overall the site is well developed and I find myself using it and loving it. I highly recommend this service for anyone who has trouble keeping up with everything your friends do online.






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  1. Bret Taylor Avatar

    Thanks for the kind words! We really appreciate your using the service, and I am happy you like it.

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