Daily Links April 9th, 2008

Lots of news from Yahoo in it’s efforts to fight off the takeover offer from Microsoft.

All of this is big news as Yahoo looks to fight to stay independent from Microsoft. Yahoo envisions it as a bad deal for Yahoo and personally I agree with that. I think Microsoft’s and Yahoo’s culture are too different to work well together.

Here is a good and reasonable mix if you are looking to set up investment accounts. (I really like Vanguard for investing, the fees are very low and their investments do really well. However I personally use Sharebuilder, because ING Direct is my main bank.)

In the 1990’s the rich got richer, while the middle and poor class stagnated or even fell behind in their incomne level, reported via CNN.

Techcrunch built a quicke app on Google AppEngine and share their experince.

Adobe released the Adobe Media Player, really nice looking app and the quality of video looks really nice. It already has both video podcasts as well as some tv shows, evuntally Comdey Central Shows including The Daily Show will be in the player. You will be able to download each new episode directly to your pc.

There is some of the more interesting stuff I found today surfing the web, till tomorrow.



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