Living and Creating Online: Part 2

Part 1: I talked about just how much of my life is now online, searchable and archived, along with some of the basic reasons as to why I do this. I know want to make people feel better and let them know what I don’t post online.

I never post anything about someone else unless I either sanitize it or have recieved explicit permission. For example at most when I talk about someone online I never use anything more than first names and even then is only in rare cases. More often than not it is merely, “a friend” and that is it.

I never reveal anything online that I would be uncomfortable having exposed publicly at work. Some people also use the rule of not talking about anything they wouldn’t mind their mother or grandmother seeing, that is a little bit of strech for myself, but I see the logic.

Financial data, I will never hand over control of my entire finances to one company. For instance using an online Quicken replecament such as Mint. That just scares me too much.

Those three simple rules pretty much rule my online life. Everything else who cares, in 15 or so years having what information I do expose online will be normal. The convience factor to me is just too high.

The ability to go online and gain acess to all of my information from anywhere at any time, that would normally be locked up either on paper and pen or on my computer’s hard drive beats for me any concerns I had over privacy. That and the more data I have up in the cloud, the less that it matters if my computer were to die today or tomorrow. Everything important is already available to me the minute I get a new computer and have Firefox running. It’s almost interesting to me to watch as the number of software programs I had installed peaked in 2003/2004 and since then has steadily dropped, till I now have around 25 programs installed on my computer and I could probably get rid of more without ever missing them.






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