What If We Let Iraq’s Decide To Stay The Course Or Not?

I read some two interesting article that got me thinking about a possible solution to Iraq. What if we let the Iraq’s decide if the US should stay the course in Iraq or pull out? I know radical idea letting the people we are directly affecting decide their fate.

Two things got my radar buzzing on this idea, the first is a Freakonomics article that actually discussed the idea and a BBC article that discussed how Iran was saying that the root cause of the current problems is the presence of the US. Now obviously Iran has two major reasons to be saying this, so I wouldn’t suggest that they are being entirely truthful or suggesting that if we left, the insurgency would end. First off, Iran hates the US, second they are known to be funding parts of the insurgency in Iraq.

However what would happen if we let the Iraq’s decide if we should stay or go? Two questions about this idea, first would we listen considering we have a habit of ignoring foreign elections if we don’t like them *cough* Palestine *cough*, and second how would the Iraq’s vote.

I honestly don’t have an answer to this question, but it seems a fair solution to the problem. On the Republican side, the Iraq’s are making a free choice to decide which way to go and they pass the buck off on dealing with Iraq for the election. On the Democrats side they get to pass the buck off on dealing with Iraq. Although I don’t see either party realing going for this, especially the Republicans it’s an interesing idea, and one that I would like to seee moving forward some.






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