07 Nov

Travel Day

Today I’m in DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) for work, and I have a bunch of thoughts running through my head about different things, so this is a post without any real clear topic, but more of a ramble of what’s going on in my head tonight.

I need to do a post about the election and how people who want to run away from the results should seriously grow up. Along those same sort of lines, I want to do some research into do countries become more liberal over time or is that something that I think occurs? Personally I feel the answer is yes, as do the majority of people that I’ve discussed this idea with. I have yet to find a good book/paper to back me up though, I could be making it up however. Research is needed, any commenters know a good resource or some facts to prove it?

I need to set aside time to do more things that I want to do such as blogging, reading my piles on piles of books, and writing code for myself to scratch my itches. Sure maybe when I’m out of school or at least I go to being a part time student. 24 hours in a day, and I getting into the bad habit of sleeping for more than 5 of them, need to stop that.

I have a new project that I am starting with a friend or two. It has a lot of potential and currently is really really early. I can’t reveal yet where that is going or what is happening, but be looking for information about software engineering, project management, etc, floating across here.

Along those same lines I re-read Getting Real by 37signals. I forgot what a great book it was with regards to software engineering, project management, and shipping software. Really good to read, both with my side project and for work where I am now having to manage more than just myself. It reflected a lot of things in both projects and software that I want to occur in software projects that I can influence. (Defiantly should be a later blog post.)

Some other last minute blurbs. Most of the billboard ads I saw in the car ride from Love Field to my hotel where for goverment/state programs or agencies. I wonder why, is the advertising slump starting to already hit DFW, are the billboards simply where these groups are advertising now. I certainly don’t remember quite the same percentage last time I travelled, but I could be wrong.

One of the ad’s was for the Texas Lottery and had a background picture of 5 or so stop lights all green, with the words “Maybe it’s your luck day”. Clever as much as I don’t like advertising for the lottery (tax on the poor/stupid essentially), it was still a good ad.

My Christmas list has been worked down to four things: iPhone, MacBook Pro, Sony Cybershot and MediaTemple Grid Service. Sorry current host, but you just do not work out (especially the whole still running on Apache 1 and PHP 4, like seriously???).

That’s kinda a purge of my brain from today, here are some photos from the hotel room. Night, I have to leave the hotel at 6:30am tomorrow.

Hyatt Place 04 by jtyost2 on flickr.com

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