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Your Rules Aren’t My Rules

Here is the problem that I see with a lot of the evangelical right. They seem to think that their rules are all of sudden my rules. Here’s a hint, they aren’t. A great example is this ad for a rentor.

The ad includes such wonderful rules as the main lights in the apartment are controlled by a timer turning on at 5:30 am and off at 11:30 pm, heat and a/c controlled, oh yeah and even a camera in your suite. Let’s not even discuss the no alcohol, no illegal drugs, no tobacco, no lighters or matches, the 2 hour, visitation period on Sunday and Saturday. You are even required to wear an id bracelet. Let’s not even get into the idea if you say have a sexual relationship pre-marriage.

This isn’t an apartment, it’s a dorm room and worse.

The worse thing is that the person who put up the said and I quote: “I am a born again Christian. Why is this a problem for people????! I have a house that’s MINE and I PAID FOR IT. I also have a basement apartment for rent. It’s a great space for I’m charing very little for it, $480 monthly, for the right tenant. I know it’s ILLEGAL to require a Christian in the apartment, against the human rights. That’s why I NEVER put this in my ad. Why then does it keep getting taken down?” The problem isn’t that you are a born-again Christian, the problem is that you are applying rules that you may live with and feel are good and normal, but for the majority of society they don’t and won’t live with those sort of rules.

How many people don’t drink alcohol, how many people desire to have their landlord control when they can sleep and wake up, or and watch them on a security camera, how many people desire to have 4 hours a week to have visitors over. I think even my family comes over to visit I want them to come over for more than 2 hours or at a different times than just 2 – 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday. The silly rules just keep adding more and more restrictions to a person. Is cheap rent worth the agony that a person would go through to have that apartment?

Freedom From Religion Same As Freedom Of Religion

Freedom From Religion Same As Freedom Of Religion

Let’s apply this from the micro to the macro world. America was built on the idea of freedom, the idea that people have the freedom to choose what they want to do, and what to think. The world that the evangelical right wants to create is a world where people have the freedom to not smoke, not drink alcohol, not have visitors, not choose when they want to sleep and when to sleep. That’s the problem I have with the evangelical right and a lot of other movements who want their beliefs to be enforced on other people. What people should be doing is allowing people to have the freedom to chose what they do and don’t want to do. Not everyone believes the same as they do. Even the majority of Christians don’t believe in the same rules that the evangelical right do.

America is freedom, that apartment and the evengical right is the exact opposite of freedom.

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Facebook and Twitter: Different and Both Useful

Which do you care about more simply getting a stream of conciusicous thoughts from people or a stream of tons of different aspects on that person and lots of information to put it into context. That’s the dilemma facing people signing up for social networks. Each specializes in an area that makes it useful to the end users.

Facebook excels at providing you with tons of information on your friends and letting you keep in touch with them very easily. It lets you have a social dialogue with someone who you may never see, but you can find out their favorite movies, music, where they live, challenge them to a game of Scrabble and so much more.

Facebooks News Feed

Facebook's News Feed

That’s a close and personal friendship taken to the online world, Twitter is much the opposite. You don’t really have a lot of information on the person, instead you get a stream of thoughts (140 characters at a time) that let you see what the person is thinking at a bunch of different times.

Twitter Stream

Twitter Stream

Facebook is uniquely useful to me at providing connections to my real life friends and family. Letting me tell them how I am doing, and find out what they are out to, passively putting information onto Facebook. I can follow people and get to know them closer and keep friendships that in the past would have just died due to the difficulty of communication.

I use Twitter for a vastly different purpose, to follow a large group of people, who most may not even know me but whose thoughts I am interested in hearing. People who express some ideas or information that I want to hear more of, or even those who just create great art. I can follow along not just them creating new ideas and art, but see when they go out to eat or what they think of a new movie. It’s a very weird world where I find out before the papers are even allowed to publish the reviews what the first people watching a movie think.

That’s what communication will look like tomorrow and I intend to be on the cutting edge and learning as much as I can.

Follow me on Twitter.

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Disqus Now Includes Facebook

Disqus now has the ability to log in to leave comments via Facebook. So now down where there is that comment section, just sign in using your Facebook account and comment away. I have really enjoyed using Disqus as it lets me see where else have people commented and creates an easy way to have my comments follow me around the web.

Facebook is stepping closer and closer towards creating a single sign on for the web.

Even though I personally prefer OpenID, I feel that Facebook or Google’s implemention of a single sign on will be the real winner. Very few people that are active on the internet do not have a Facebook or Google account.

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