Don’t Let Google See Your Private Information

There was a story in Techcrunch today about a hosting provider (Meteora Technologies Group) that accidentally revealing revealed a dump of Kleiner Perkins’s iFund database. The moral of the story don’t even put stuff publicly online that you don’t want Google (or the public) to find out about.

Google isn’t just good at their job, they are the best on the face of the earth at indexing the Internet. They do it faster and better than any other search engine. Google will index this blog within about 15 minutes of a post being published, the other search engines who knows. Pretty impressive considering how small this blog is. Google finds things that you don’t even realize Google could find.

The only solution is if you have something you don’t want Google to find, put it behind a login screen, one that even Google can’t get past. If you can’t build it or don’t know how to set it up, then don’t put it online.





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