Disqus Now Includes Facebook

Disqus now has the ability to log in to leave comments via Facebook. So now down where there is that comment section, just sign in using your Facebook account and comment away. I have really enjoyed using Disqus as it lets me see where else have people commented and creates an easy way to have my comments follow me around the web.

Facebook is stepping closer and closer towards creating a single sign on for the web.

Even though I personally prefer OpenID, I feel that Facebook or Google’s implemention of a single sign on will be the real winner. Very few people that are active on the internet do not have a Facebook or Google account.

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4 comments on “Disqus Now Includes Facebook
  1. Busby SEO Test!!! says:

    disqus has everything, sadly there are many people abuse it 🙁

  2. disqus has everything, sadly there are many people abuse it 🙁

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