31 Jan

Everybody Take a Step Back and Breathe

Want to know what happened on the internet today?

Oh and that isn’t even half of the articles that I know of published, I’ve seen a few of the actual news orginaztions one’s start coming across including WSJ and NYT.

This is ridiculous, sure Google is a big company, that does a lot of searches especially in the US (roughly 70% currently). But seriously the entire internet and the people writing on it seemed to have a freak out. Guess what Google makes mistakes as does every other company on the face of the earth, most especially software companies, think of Apple and the original MobileMe mess, or Microsoft and well Microsoft.

This occured for roughly an hour at most for any one customer and most likely less than 40 minutes. It also occured early on a Saturday morning, a time when I doubt the vast majority of the public is online. I wasn’t online and even if I was I doubt I would have even noticed. Sure I use Google a lot, I have in a typical day roughly 30+ searches recorded by Google, today already Google shows that I’ve searched 40 different times. But really is it worth it for the entire internet to freak out?

27 Jan

The Complex Made Simple

For work, I had a piece of code that needed to calculate if a certain date fell in between two other days. So I started out writing out this big long function to calculate if a date fell first within the same year as either of the two dates, and if so within the two months, and within the two days. It was ugly, inaccurate, complex and just plain stupid of me to do it that way.

I knew there had to be an easier way so off to PHP.net I went and sure enough there is strtotime. Strtotime converts a string into a Unix timestamp. Turning my function into this:

function in_between_two_dates($first_date, $second_date, $third_date)
if(strtotime($first_date) >= strtotime($second_date) && strtotime($first_date) <= strtotime($third_date) )
{ return true; }
else return false;

Remember when in doubt: KISS (Keep it simple stupid).

26 Jan

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23 Jan


I’m a little late in writing this, but earlier this week coinciding with the transition in our government, I made a personal transition. I accepted a position with Simple Web Works, a Web Design and Development firm located here in Lubbock.

I will be working with them as a part-time Web Developer (PHP, SQL, JavaScript, etc), you know all the fun stuff. The company has done some really interesting work in the past that I like and they have one or two projects that look even more interesting coming out soon. It is my hope in this position to further push my skills with regards to PHP and JavaScript even further and gain experience working with an actual software company.

I throughly enjoyed working at the T-STEM Center and gained a ton of experience in areas I would normally never touch or have the ability to play with so much (Server Hardware, Windows Server, Active Directory, Database Administration, Apache, and lots of IT work). Still it was time to make a change and so I did. I’ll let you know in a few months how it went.

22 Jan

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19 Jan

Anonymous Comments and Comments with Meaningless Names are the Same Thing

I recently had a friend recommend an artist (who is someone that they personally know). No problem, that’s the whole point of friends, doing stuff and letting other people know about it. However going to the CDBaby site of the artist, and taking a look at the reviews of the music I get this:

AnoymousCommenters by jtyost2, on Flickr

AnoymousCommenters by jtyost2, on Flickr

Even though you have to log in to CDBaby, all the reviews are just random meaningless words. “A Fan”, “Fan”, even going so far as just flat out “anonymous”. Grrr really bothers me seeing reviews or commentary from people that won’t sign their own name. The log in value there isn’t even worth it, if you use a meaningless username.

I don’t know if the artist or someone that she knows did these reviews, but that is what it makes me think. I no longer trust the reviews and the reviews become meaningless to me, because I have no trust for them.

Just sign your name and I will at least trust the review a little bit more than I currently do, even though I probably don’t even know you. At least someone who I don’t know I trust more than someone who appears to be blatantly spamming the reviews.

All that being said the music really wasn’t all that bad, I just hope the artist can find some fans who will attach a name to the review.