I’m a little late in writing this, but earlier this week coinciding with the transition in our government, I made a personal transition. I accepted a position with Simple Web Works, a Web Design and Development firm located here in Lubbock.

I will be working with them as a part-time Web Developer (PHP, SQL, JavaScript, etc), you know all the fun stuff. The company has done some really interesting work in the past that I like and they have one or two projects that look even more interesting coming out soon. It is my hope in this position to further push my skills with regards to PHP and JavaScript even further and gain experience working with an actual software company.

I throughly enjoyed working at the T-STEM Center and gained a ton of experience in areas I would normally never touch or have the ability to play with so much (Server Hardware, Windows Server, Active Directory, Database Administration, Apache, and lots of IT work). Still it was time to make a change and so I did. I’ll let you know in a few months how it went.





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