Yes I’ve Been Memed

Yep, I’ve been memmed, so stand back and watch me talk about myself for a few minutes and learn something.

  1. I despise bananas
  2. I enjoy banana nut bread and Post Banana Nut Cereal, crazy I know
  3. I got my first set of contacts around Thanksgiving and, I absolutely love them. The optometrist asked me if I ever had contacts before and he seemed genuinely shocked that by the age of 22, I had never tried contacts before.
  4. If I had a choice in the matter, good butt jeans, black t-shirt with some snappy saying and either a hoodie or leather jacket would be my daily wear.
  5. About once a class I say to myself why am I sitting in here listening to stuff that is
    1. Really, really boring
    2. Seemingly of no use
    3. Have you used a computer lately, because I’m pretty sure computers don’t do that anymore
    4. Why don’t they have any fun classes?
  6. I had my first kiss when I was a senior in high school in front of a bunch of other people on the dance floor for our school’s Winter Formal
  7. Yostivanich comes from my middle school days when I got called that it started with something along the lines of Yostivanich you son of a b*tch
  8. I work really hard to have a logical reason for most things that I do
  9. I don’t dream
  10. No seriously, I must dream but I don’t remember them, so I have no evidence to contradict #9
  11. I really despise holidays, anniversaries, etc: Why do I need a day to remind me of something that I should remember regardless of what day it is? Do I feel more thankful of my family and friends on Thanksgiving, than any other day? Do I like/love my s.o more on our anniversary or on Valentine’s Day? I would hope not.
  12. I plan on having an office with 3 walls of bookshelves and the other consisting of my computer desk
  13. I currently have no form of transportation greater than my feet, even my bike got stolen
  14. When I was a kid I loved playing with Legos, my most recent job rekindled that passion
  15. I don’t eat breakfast
  16. I really, really, really miss doing debate/speech, the people, the stress, the amount of work and passion, all to prove ideas that half of the time we never agreed with or to try and impress some random judge that we really were about to be raped
  17. In between my junior and senior year of high school, during that summer I ate one of the tubes of Oreos that came out of the boxes you could buy at Sam’s Place just about every night (14 Oreos, or what is in one row in the normal packages you buy at the store).
  18. The only real outdoor activities I enjoy are skiing and backpacking
  19. That sun is really, really, I mean really bright to someone who stays indoors all day
  20. I have no place to read currently and it’s one of the worst things about my apartment
  21. Finding 25 things to talk about is proving really hard
  22. I really want to build software for the rest of my life
  23. Managing people is one of the hardest jobs I have ever had, you think it’s easy and no it’s really not
  24. I love learning, I practically live to learn more, to just breathe in more and more information
  25. I have lots of scars but two in particular stand out, one on my shoulder from being bitten and the other on my forehead right above eyebrow from smacking my head into a ceramic soap holder in a hotel shower





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