links for 2009-11-08

  • "As much as I’d like to say, “It’s just business”, we all know it’s never just business. All clients have personal and professional risk when working with you. Always be open and honest about what you need and want and give your clients time to express their needs and wants, too. The world we work in may seem large and daunting at times, but you know how small it can be. People will talk about how good/bad their experience with you was. A few negative projects or references are enough to end a company."
  • "In recent years, a growing number of teenagers have been dressing to articulate — or confound — gender identity and sexual orientation. Certainly they have been confounding school officials, whose responses have ranged from indifference to applause to bans. Dress code conflicts often reflect a generational divide, with students coming of age in a culture that is more accepting of ambiguity and difference than that of the adults who make the rules." Students should be free to wear what they want to. "All this is too much for some educators, who say high school should not be a public stage to work out private identity issues. School, they say, is a rigorous academic and social training ground for the world of adults and employment." Where else are students to work through their gender and sexual identity.
  • "However, the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank notes that at one point, one of the protesters had a heart attack. Luckily, federally-employed medical personnel were able to quickly attend to him — even though they were part of government-run health care, which is supposedly quite dangerous."
  • "Anyone who has ever talked to just about any spokesperson at Apple will immediately relate to what Mitchell is saying. If Apple contacts you about something, they’re really contacting you to make you do what they want. If you don’t, there is often the threat of repercussions of some sort. In Someecards case, it would have meant pulling the app from the App Store."
  • "The best way to win a price war, then, is not to play in the first place. Instead, you can compete in other areas: customer service or quality." Stop trying to win pricing wars.
  • "Mostly, it was OK. Sometimes it was bad. Sometimes it was wonderful. Once or twice, it was terrible. And it was thus for everyone I knew. Teenagers take risks, even stupid risks, at times. But the chance on any given night that sneaking a beer will destroy your life is damned slim. Art isn't exactly like life, and science fiction asks the reader to accept the impossible, but unless your book is about a universe in which disapproving parents have cooked the physics so that every act of disobedience leads swiftly to destruction, it won't be very credible. The pathos that parents would like to see here become bathos: mawkish and trivial, heavy-handed, and preachy." Sex and other mature topics in Young Adult Fiction.
  • "Average app review delays are getting longer, exacerbating nearly every problem. The rankings are still gamed like crazy using tricks that Apple can easily prevent, the store is still a technical embarrassment, reviewers are still brick walls, and good apps by good people still get rejected for arbitrary reasons with zero recourse. App review is broken, and it will never be fixed. There’s only one solution to this, except the frustrating status quo: To allow developers to bypass the iTunes Store by enabling external app installation."
  • "Surviving is succeeding, no doubt about it. Doing the work is better than not doing the work. Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress. But, and it's a huge but, you define yourself by the work you do, and perhaps you need to redefine what you're willing to take and where you're looking for it."
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  • "Not all groups have felt the recession equally. " Pretty neat.






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