Month: December 2009

  • TSA May Increase Travel Restrictions

    TSA should no respond blindly to a single incident by restring all movement on an airline during the final hour of a flight.

  • Because I Don’t Know Enough About Geek Culture

    So go and find out more about Geek Culture. It does include me all in there technology/debate/Star Wars. Geek is really just another term for someone who is overly enthused about a certain subject area.

  • Democrats May Drop Medicare Expansion

    Well ok then to quote Marco who sums it up better that I ever could. Democrats (in power): We want to pass this bill that makes a lot of sense. It would help a lot of people and it’s supported by the majority of the population. Republicans: No. You need to compromise. Democrats: OK. Well, […]

  • Let’s Talk About Meetings

    Meetings how about you and I talk. Why are there so many of you, why do they so often turn into present and inform sessions when they should be plan and decide. Why is it so easy to schedule one of you, 30 seconds of work and an hour of 5 people’s time is gone […]

  • Secret Santa Project

    It’s the holiday season and that means you are buying a lot of gifts and probably along the way doing at least one gift exchange. Probably the most well known of these (at least here in the US) is Secret Santa. My family does Secret Santa amongst ourselves and this year I decided to modernize […]

  • What About the Open Web?

    Facebook: FarmVille is bigger than Twitter, beyond insane when I think about it. To prove the popularity of these extra-curricular sections of Facebook, Johnson explained: “Applications make up a huge part of Facebook. There are over 90,000 applications on Facebook. “69 million active users are using FarmVille alone, that’s more users than Twitter.” Interestingly, Facebook […]

  • Quite Literally the Only Icon List You Need

    This may quite literally be the only icon list you need. A few of my favorites: Color Stroked – a very nice set of hand drawn icons, especially for using for social media links and even better free for commercial use. 2experts – nice and dark icons, good to use for a dashboard and again […]