ScottEVest’s – Awesomeness In A Single Jacket

For Christmas one of the gifts from my parental units was a ScottEVest Fleece 5.0 Jacket and it was awesome.

ScottEVest targets people who have a ton of stuff to carry around with them, every article of clothing has more pockets then you would imagine possible. The Fleece Jacket has 24 pockets (yeah you read that right twenty-four) so basically you carry whatever you want in/on the jacket itself.

It has a pocket fit for a paperback book, travel documents, sunglasses (including a lens cleaning cloth), digital camera, two see-through and touchable pockets for your touchscreen mobile phone or gadget, a water bottle, and a dozen more pockets on the jacket. Even better most of the pockets enable you to run headphone wires up and through to the collar. I carried a paperback book, digital camera, cellphone, keys, wallet, and a half a dozen other items all conveniently located. About the only thing I couldn’t haul around was a laptop.

Now I am the type of person who hates having stuff in my jean pockets but I always have so much stuff to carry around, finally this jacket (and the whole line of clothing) gives me a way to carry it all around without needing a satchel of some sort. I was so pleased with the jacket I added to my Amazon Wish List to get even more, the Quantum Jacket, which goes with the Fleece Jacket to make the Scott Jordan Signature System, the Pack Windbreaker and the Microfleece Hoodie.

Even their hat has pockets on it.


The one major complaint I have is all of the pockets have these hard glossy paper cards in them (that you can see in the photo). The cards are designed to ensure that you both know where all of the pockets are and what they are for. I totally dig the thought behind the cards and I found them useful and a lot of fun, but I wish they were more environmentally friendly, I just wound up throwing them all away. The second complaint is that the sunglasses pocket wound up bending my sunglasses. With straight sunglasses, more like a typical pair of glasses, it would be fine. However, I have sunglasses whose frame and lenses are curved, the pocket through either the force of the jacket itself or where they were placed wound up bending the frames.

Quite literally I couldn’t recommend this jacket more than I already have. I’ve wore this jacket every day since I got it and am just so pleased with it.





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