27 Jan

What I Hope Apple Unleashes Tomorrow – Derek Powazek

I’ve been thinking about how to make money from online content since I launched Fray in 1996. Really, I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve sat up, obsessed with it. It’s been my white whale. And here’s what I’ve come up with: a little bit of advertising works, so long as it’s classy, and sell some paper if you can. But any plan that includes walling off your content from the rest of the web is destined to fail, unless it’s porn of some kind (financial data is a kind of porn).

Tomorrow, if the stars align, Apple could unleash a device that’s sexier than reading a magazine. A glossy screen like the iPhone, quality content in the iTunes store for a (hopefully) reasonable price, major publishers on board and independent publishers like me able to join in.

via Derek Powazek – What I Hope Apple Unleashes Tomorrow.

The first bit of the quote is worth reading the whole thing, the fact that on-top of it comes an idea and a hope of what Apple could do with a tablet like device is even better.

24 Jan

A Little Less Conversation – Inc.

When you started your company, you probably did a great job of communicating. Everybody told one another everything. And your customers loved it, because when they called in to ask about their purchase order, everybody knew where it was. But as you get bigger, you can't keep telling everybody about every purchase order, so you have to invent specific communications systems so that exactly the right people find out and nobody else. Not because it's confidential. Because it's a waste of time.

via A Little Less Conversation. Joel Spolsky once again telling companies the right way to grow.

24 Jan

2009 O’Reilly Ebook Revenue up 104% – Tools of Change for Publishing

During the past 18 months we've seen a dramatic shift in customer preference from print to digital when looking at sales from oreilly.com, which is a substantial sales channel for us. And looking across all of our sales channels for individual ebooks — including mobile apps — 2009 ebook revenue was up a staggering 104% on 2008 (which was more than 50% above 2007)

via 2009 O’Reilly Ebook Revenue up 104% – Tools of Change for Publishing. How awesome is this?

24 Jan

Ruling Backs Palin’s Use of Private E-Mail for State Work – NYTimes.com

An Alaska judge has sided with former Gov. Sarah Palin in a lawsuit over e-mail messages, finding that state law does not forbid the use of private e-mail accounts to conduct state business.

via Ruling Backs Palin’s Use of Private E-Mail for State Work – NYTimes.com. Absolutely awful call, the law should require that government business be conducted entirely via state email accounts.

23 Jan

Boogie Board writing tablet costs $30, features ‘no power LCD technology’ – CrunchGear

Going completely paperless just got a bit easier with an LCD tablet that – wait for it – actually seems to be an affordable and useful way to replace paper pads.

via Boogie Board writing tablet costs $30, features ‘no power LCD technology’. I almost want to buy one of these puppies, but I want to feel it first.

17 Jan

The Young And The Jobless – The Economist

That makes the decline seem a little less troubling. At least those not able to find work in the labour market are actively investing in human capital. But this also suggests that young people are developing far less work experience in early adulthood than did previous generations—a factor which could make it more difficult for them to find work when they finally leave school, and which may influence things like levels of student indebtedness in the meantime.

via The young and the jobless | The Economist. I would also say based on personal experience and stories, that more people are going through graduate school when they can’t find a job, and a lot of fellow college students are unemployed.

07 Jan

Why the Netflix/WB deal isn’t a bad thing – johnaugust.com

This afternoon, Netflix announced that it wouldn’t be shipping new releases from Warner Bros. until 28 days after street date. In exchange for this window, WB is giving better prices and — most crucially — deeper access to its library for Netflix’s streaming service.

via johnaugust.com » Why the Netflix/WB deal isn’t a bad thing. I can understand the logic here, and tell you what I don’t mind having to wait a month for DVD’s and more streaming videos is a great tradeoff.