24 Feb

Google slapped with class-action lawsuit over Buzz – ComputerWorld

A Florida woman yesterday filed a class-action lawsuit against Google Inc., charging that the new Buzz social networking tool set violates the privacy rights of users.

via Google slapped with class-action lawsuit over Buzz. It was only a matter of time. How in the world did Google get the idea that tying a public and automatic social networking system to a private system made any reasonable level of sense?

24 Feb

Accent Folding for Auto-Complete – A List Apart

Accent Folding takes your application and lets it understand that cafe and café are the same word. It goes beyond just a mere language translation that most applications already have in place. It’s possible but be warned.

Be aware that there are a million caveats to accent rules. You will almost certainly get it wrong for somebody, somewhere. Nearly every alphabet has a few extra-special marks that do affect meaning, and, of course, non-Western alphabets have completely different rules.

via A List Apart: Articles: Accent Folding for Auto-Complete.

23 Feb

Giving Up On Patents – ongoing

Not so many years ago, even as I was filled with fear and loathing of the hideous misconduct of the US Patent & Trademark Office, I retained some respect for the notion of patents. I even wrote what I think is an unusually easy-to-read introduction to Patent Theory. But no more. The whole thing is too broken to be fixed. Maybe it worked once, but it doesn’t any more. The patent system needs to be torn down and thrown out.

via ongoing by Tim Bray · Giving Up On Patents. Oh patents the more I hear the more I hate.

There are a few organizations I recommend if you wish to try and help eliminate bad patents.

23 Feb

iPhone developers angry as Apple purges adult apps – BBC News

Thousands of apps with adult-themed content have been removed from the store since Friday although some, such as one from Playboy, remain.

via BBC News – iPhone developers angry as Apple purges adult apps. This is stupid and insane. Apple is treating their consumers worse than the film industry does. All applications listed here are rated 17+ and you are required to authorize the application. Also to any parents that wish to complain, you can force your children to not be able to install applications past a certain rating. And again the stupid thing is that applications from what I’ll refer to as established companies (ie. Playboy and Sports Illustrated) is allowed but apps from other companies is not.

21 Feb

Your most vivid fears… – Seth’s Blog

Your most vivid fears…

are almost certainly not the most important ones.

via Seth’s Blog: Your most vivid fears…. If there was one blog you should be reading to understand and try to get a handle on the new world of marketing, communication, selling and understanding in an internet, social media driven world, Seth Godin’s is the one.

16 Feb

Director Kevin Smith told he was ‘too big’ to fly – BBC News

Clerks director Kevin Smith has revealed he was asked to get off a plane in the US because he was too big for the seats.

BBC News – Director Kevin Smith told he was ‘too big’ to fly. This was really dumb of Southwest and yet another thing with social media companies mistakes are publicized in real time before the company can fix it.

14 Feb

iPhone Apps Need Low Starting Hurdles – Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox

Most mobile applications are used only intermittently, so they must be especially easy during initial use. In particular, upfront registration shouldn't be required before users experience an app's benefits.

via iPhone Apps Need Low Starting Hurdles (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox). This makes a lot of sense but it also means for an application you have to re-think the normal use paradigm (demo video and register to use).