The Non-Programming Programmer – Coding Horror

Three years later, I'm still wondering: why do people who can't write a simple program even entertain the idea they can get jobs as working programmers? Clearly, some of them must be succeeding. Which means our industry-wide interviewing standards for programmers are woefully inadequate, and that's a disgrace. It's degrading to every working programmer.

via Coding Horror: The Non-Programming Programmer. After going though the hiring process both trying to get and fill a position, I must admit to also being astounded at the quality level of applicants. Most are unable to do much more than write a few if statements and sometimes even that is a challenge. The worst part of an interviewing candidates isn’t the boring details of the resume or the technical questions, it’s asking them to use the white board and write about a 15 line program and watch a candidate struggle for 20 plus minutes to make something that could possibly work.





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