28 Apr

Anti-Piracy Group Says: ‘Child Porn Is Great’ Since It Gets Politicians To Block File Sharing Sites – Techdirt

Of course, those filters don't actually work, and using them to force entire sites to be blocked, despite them having a relatively tiny proportion of such content isn't just dishonest and underhanded, but dangerous. We're all in favor of trying to stop child porn, but you do that by focusing on the source, not by putting up filters willy-nilly in a misguided attempt to get politicians to also protect your business model.

via Anti-Piracy Group Says: ‘Child Porn Is Great’ Since It Gets Politicians To Block File Sharing Sites – Techdirt. How much a slime ball do you have to be to use child porn to keep your obsolete business model profitable?

28 Apr

Threats Don’t Justify Speaker Ban – Casper Star-Tribune

Threats of violence alone do not justify preventing someone from speaking on campus, U.S. District Judge William Downes told University of Wyoming President Tom Buchanan this afternoon.

via Threats don’t justify speaker ban – Casper Star-Tribune. Good move, threats and violence shouldn’t limit someone’s right to speak, as long as the person speaking is aware of the risks and accepts them.

25 Apr

Riders on the Storm – NYTimes.com

But the core finding is that most Internet users do not stay within their communities. Most people spend a lot of time on a few giant sites with politically integrated audiences, like Yahoo News.

via Riders on the Storm – NYTimes.com. Interesting one study finds that the idea of people avoiding web sites that differ from their own point of view isn’t so true. However this is hard to rationalize with my thoughts of most people that I know. It’s far more likely the ideologues only visit a few sites and most everyone else floats from site to site as the study suggests.

25 Apr

Greater Transparency Around Government Requests – Official Google Blog

We are today launching a new Government Requests tool to give people information about the requests for user data or content removal we receive from government agencies around the world. For this launch, we are using data from July-December, 2009, and we plan to update the data in 6-month increments.

via Greater Transparency Around Government Requests – Official Google Blog. Interestingly Brazil is the number one in both data requests (3663) and removal requests (291), the US is #4 in removal requests (123) and #2 in data requests (3580). China is not listed as any requests are considered state secrets, by the Chinese government.

18 Apr

Why So Few Women in Silicon Valley? – NYTimes.com

WOMEN now outnumber men at elite colleges, law schools, medical schools and in the overall work force. Yet a stark imbalance of the sexes persists in the high-tech world, where change typically happens at breakneck speed.

via Why So Few Women in Silicon Valley? – NYTimes.com. Not only did the article discuss the challenges women face in the technology realm but also how women have to face the difficult decision of children or career and women can be happy choosing a career.

18 Apr

Cutting the Deficit – Mother Jones

Ah, the American public. God love 'em. The Economist asked if they'd rather tackle the federal deficit by cutting spending or raising taxes, and the runaway winner was cutting spending, by a margin of 62% to 5%. So what are we willing to cut? Answer: pretty much nothing.

via Cutting the Deficit – Mother Jones. Add up everything that even a quarter of the population is willing to cut and you wind up with under 5% of the federal budget.

18 Apr

Cross-Browser CSS Gradient – Web Designer Wall

The CSS gradient feature was introduced by Webkit for about two years but was rarely used due to incompatibility with most browers. But now with the Firefox 3.6+, which supports gradient, we can style create gradient without having to create an image. This post will show you how to code for the CSS gradient to be supported by the major browsers: IE, Firefox 3.6+, Safari, and Chrome.

via Cross-Browser CSS Gradient – Web Designer Wall. Cross browser gradients without images, yes please.

15 Apr

The Dangers of Building on Someone Else’s Platform – trevoro.ca

A lot of startup business models involve building products that fill gaps in existing platforms. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and there have been a few success stories. But if you don’t own the platform, or if you aren’t wildly successful at filling the gap you’re taking a really big risk.

via The Dangers of Building on Someone Else’s Platform | trevoro.ca | blog. There is a definite and real danger to merely filling the gaps in other platforms, generally whatever you can do the company building the platform can do or buy the ability to do.

13 Apr

House Season Finale Filmed Entirely with Canon 5D Mark II – PetaPixel

This is quite an endorsement for Canon, with a network giant entrusting the finale of one of its most popular shows to the 5D Mark II (which happens to be the first digital camera to take the Presidential portrait as well).

via House Season Finale Filmed Entirely with Canon 5D Mark II. Impressive number ones for the camera both as a video and still camera.

13 Apr

Apple Refreshes MacBooks – NYTimes.com

Hard on the heels of iPad-mania and a new update for the iPhone’s operating system, Apple continues to ride the product wave this month (and its only half gone) with the introduction of upgraded MacBook Pro notebook computers that the company says will run as faster speeds and with longer battery lives.

via Apple Refreshes MacBooks – Gadgetwise Blog – NYTimes.com. What other company gets free advertising in the New York Times when they just update their lineup of computers.