11 Apr

Apple Rejecting Apps With “Pad” In Title – 9 to 5 Mac

Apple has started to reject apps with the word “Pad” in their title that do not explicitly use wording such as, “runs on,” “for,” “for use with,” and/or “compatible with.” Jesse Waites, maker of ContactPad (iTunes link) sent us a shot of an email he received from Apple yesterday regarding an update to his app.

via Apple rejecting apps with “Pad” in title | 9 to 5 Mac. This is more than a little silly by Apple.

11 Apr

A Psychologist Steeped in Treatment of Sexually Active Priests – NYTimes.com

Leslie Lothstein has seen them all: priests sexually active with adult men, others with adult women, others with adolescents, others with children. By his own count, Dr. Lothstein, a psychologist at the Institute of Living, in Hartford, has treated about 300 Roman Catholic priests, not only those with sexual problems, but also those with alcoholism, depression and other mental illnesses.

via Beliefs – A Psychologist Steeped in Treatment of Sexually Active Priests – NYTimes.com. A short story about one of the very few secular therapists to treat Catholic priests.

08 Apr

prettyLoader – No Margin For Errors

You know, when you do an ajax call and you never quite know where to position your loader. prettyLoader takes care of that for you, by default, prettyLoader will “hook” to the jQuery ajax function and display a nice spinning circle next to the mouse cursor and hide it once the ajax call is complete, neat no?

via prettyLoader | Stéphane Caron – No Margin For Errors. Very nice though personally I prefer using a basic ajax loading icon and replacing the form with a standard size (typically 32 pixels square) loading icon.

08 Apr

jQuery plugin: ‘autoResize’ – James Padolsey

Inspired by Jason Frame’s method, I’ve created an animating ‘autoResize’ jQuery plugin. Although it was inspired by his plugin it has a few slight differences, most notably the way in which the off-screen “testing” takes place. In his plugin (apparently inspired by Facebook’s implementation) a DIV is created off-screen and is filled with the textarea’s value whenever it changes. The height of this DIV is retrieved and then applied to the textarea. My plugin makes use of the scrollTop DOM property to gain the true height of the text and then applies that directly (or via animation) to the textarea.

via jQuery plugin: ‘autoResize’ – James Padolsey. Extremely nice jQuery plugin for auto-resizing textareas. The one issue is that on page load the plugin doesn’t calculate the size of the textarea. Reading the jQuery API docs for the Ready event it looks like a normal jQuery object can not be binded to ready, only the jQuery document core object can be.

08 Apr

5 Reasons to Consider Investing in ETFs – MintLife Blog

If you want more flexibility along with your diversification, however, you should take a closer look at ETFs, which have a few distinct advantages over mutual funds. Keep in mind, some of the investing strategies described below are fairly sophisticated and may not be for everyone. If you subscribe to the “buy and hold” investment philosophy and don’t plan to engage in daily trading or market-timing, focus on the first two points in order to make a decision whether ETFs make sense for you.

via 5 Reasons to Consider Investing in ETFs | MintLife Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice. My personal portfolio is as much ETFs as I can manage. On a side note the Mint.com blog is extremely worthwhile reading.

07 Apr

Going, Going, Gone – SeedMagazine.com

Beyond such mundane geopolitical rivalries, the US has a more profound reason to conserve its helium: Every balloon inevitably deflates. Optimistically assuming that demand for the substance continues to grow only a few percent each year, and that the entirety of the globe’s remaining natural gas reserves will be processed for their helium, the NRC report estimates there will only be enough to last another 40 years. It stands to reason that as supplies diminish, helium will be used more efficiently and investments in recycling technologies will grow. But the fact that the Earth’s four-billion year bounty has been so reduced in scarcely a century suggests that helium is sadly not long for this world.

via Going, Going, Gone § SeedMagazine.com. Scary idea, and makes conservatism as an economic and governmental policy even more important.

07 Apr

The iPad – Daring Fireball

Count me in with the second group. Apple hasn’t thought of everything with iPad, but what they’ve thought about, they’ve thought about very deeply. I got mine Saturday morning, and I’ve been using it since — or at least as often as I could get it away from my son. Here are my thoughts.

via Daring Fireball: The iPad. Gruber on the iPad, overall positive except when it comes to the limited RAM, pixel density and document transfer to and from the iPad.