– TV business kisses HDMI goodbye

Designed by a coalition of consumer electronics manufacturers, including Sony, Samsung, LG and Valens, HDBaseT promises to not only carry video and audio signals, but also provide a network connection, a USB signal and even electricity using a single cable.

You won’t even need to buy a fancy new cable to use it. According to the HDBaseT specification chart, you can "use existing network wiring" with a standard Cat5e/6 LAN cable and an RJ-45 connector. The HDBaseT Alliance, which is made up of the aforementioned electronics companies, has just finalised version 1.0 of the spec, and says it will be available for licensing within the second half of this year.

via – TV business kisses HDMI goodbye. This would be awesome, I love the idea of two things, first a single cable to carry everything and second is that it’s a cable already in use. However, just about every 6 months I read another story of a new standard that never goes pass the concept phase.






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