52 Weeks of UX – Time to Delight

How long does it take for a new visitor/customer to be delighted using your product or service?

via 52 Weeks of UX – Time to Delight. Probably the most important and hardest metric. The most important because that is the real job of a product or service to delight the customer. The hardest because you have to go out and ask your customers one by one and find out how to replicate that awesome experience or that one thing that wowed your customers for all of the others.

One of the things missing from Texas Tech’s Computer Science degree is a course in Human & Computer Interaction, or along similar lines. We learn a lot about how to write good software but nothing of how to make people experience delight in using it. And the real key behind good software isn’t how bug free it is, but does the customer absolutely love using that application, if they do you’ve made a customer for life. Apple is the obvious and perfect example of this.


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