The New Yorker – Filibusters and arcane obstructions in the Senate

The weakened institution could no longer withstand pressures from outside its walls; as money and cameras rushed in, independent minds fell more and more in line with the partisans. Rough parity between the two parties meant that every election had the potential to make or break a majority, crushing the incentive to coöperate across the aisle. The Senate, no longer a fount of ideas, became a backwater of the U.S. government. During the Clinton years, the main action was between the White House and the Gingrich House of Representatives; during the Bush years, the Republican Senate majority abdicated the oversight role that could have placed a vital check on executive power.

via The New Yorker – Filibusters and arcane obstructions in the Senate. Lot of interesting analysis behind why the Senate out of all the bits and pieces of government is weirder and more prone to hindering government rather than actually governing.






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