Cognition – Bloodhounding Budgets

We always ask prospects to share their budget with us. It can be as uncomfortable as asking someone to the prom. It’s especially squirmy when it’s the first question you ask, and I believe it should be. Why? Sharing budget information upfront can save inordinate amounts of time. It short-circuits the potential to get mired down in minute project details, meaningless tangents, and back-and-forth emails that don’t lead very far. Time is money. Ask the budget question first and then ask the other questions. When you meet with a Realtor®, they ask what your budget is right up front. You can want all the three car garages, swimming pools, and gourmet kitchens in the world, but if you don’t have the budget for it, the conversations you had getting there are totally moot. They waste energy. We’ve been bitten by the spend-eight-hours-on-a-proposal-to-find-out-they-only-have-two-grand too many times. We don’t stick our finger in that outlet anymore

via Cognition – Bloodhounding Budgets. It’s a waste of time coming up with ideas that a customer can’t or won’t pay for.



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