Tumblr Staff – Downtime

Yesterday afternoon, during planned maintenance that was not intended to interrupt service, an issue arose that took down a critical database cluster. This brought down our entire network while our engineers worked feverishly to restore these databases and bring your blogs back online.

via Tumblr Staff – Downtime. Tumblr went down for about 22 hours, this is their response. Frankly, Tumblr has had performance issues for a good long time. I thought about switching to Tumblr for hosting my site, I’m glad I pay for my server and such. At least when something breaks it’s typically my fault or I can relatively easy switch to a different provider (like I did recently after a spat of performance issues and extended down time). Possibly though the worst part is how Tumblr kept quiet the whole time. Hardly a peep from the team and for those companies who use Tumblr as a full time replacement have to be looking hard at switching after this.


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