Retinart – Forget All The Rules About Graphic Design

While other books might be more valuable in many regards (Bringhurst’s The Elements of Typographic Style and Meggs’ History of Graphic Design for example), the unavoidable take-away Gill gives us stands alone:

Original and interesting solutions grown from the client’s problem are what make graphic design move from appropriate to good.

The body of a good idea won’t be completely obscured by the clothing of aesthetics that we drape over it. While the clothes may need to be appealing for the idea to be noticed in the first place, the body will still be beautiful even when the clothing becomes tacky as the sands of time are sprinkled over them. Good ideas last.

via Retinart – Forget All The Rules About Graphic Design. This was a really good read both in creating a design that is both worth writing home about and pleases clients.



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