SitePoint – Google Closure: How not to write JavaScript

Having delivered a talk on how to write your own JavaScript library (detailed notes) at the conference, Dmitry shared his thoughts on the new library over breakfast the next morning. “Just what the world needs—another sucky JavaScript library,” he said. When I asked him what made it ‘sucky’, he elaborated. “It’s a JavaScript library written by Java developers who clearly don’t get JavaScript.”

For the rest of the day, to anyone who would listen, Dmitry cited example after example of the terrible code he had found when he went digging through Closure. His biggest fear, he told me, was that people would switch from truly excellent JavaScript libraries like jQuery to Closure on the strength of the Google name.

via SitePoint – Google Closure: How not to write JavaScript. It’s pretty harsh but going through the examples deserving. Having written Java and now JavaScript I grok the examples 100% as being a Java developer writing JavaScript.






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