Panic Blog – Panic on the Mac App Store

PS: If you’re a current customer, there’s no way to convert a previous purchase into a Mac App Store purchase — that requires a re-buy. But remember, what you have now will continue to work just fine.

UPDATE: The Mac App Store may show software bought from us previously as “Installed”, even though they’re two different licenses. You will not get Mac App Store auto-updates unless you purchase from the Mac App Store. To re-enable the “Purchase” button in the Mac App Store, just drag the app to the trash and empty your trash. Your preferences/sites will not be affected.

via Panic Blog – Panic on the Mac App Store. The Mac App Store opened up today and Panic is all on there. One of the big questions was regarding previous purchase of software, if it would still work, would we get the automatic updates and perhaps most importantly could we somehow just import our licenses from the company to Apple. Answers seem to be yes, no and most certainly not. The other big thing, 20 bucks (or even more) is hard to fork over for an app that all you get are some screenshots to preview it.