Official Google Blog – World IPv6 Day: firing up the engines on the new Internet protocol

On World IPv6 Day, we’ll be taking the next big step. Together with major web companies such as Facebook and Yahoo!, we will enable IPv6 on our main websites for 24 hours. This is a crucial phase in the transition, because while IPv6 is widely deployed in many networks, it’s never been used at such a large scale before. We hope that by working together with a common focus, we can help the industry prepare for the new protocol, find and resolve any unexpected issues, and pave the way for global deployment.

The good news is that Internet users don’t need to do anything special to prepare for World IPv6 Day. Our current measurements suggest that the vast majority (99.95%) of users will be unaffected. However, in rare cases, users may experience connectivity problems, often due to misconfigured or misbehaving home network devices. Over the coming months we will be working with application developers, operating system vendors and network device manufacturers to further minimize the impact and provide testing tools and advice for users.

via Official Google Blog – World IPv6 Day: firing up the engines on the new Internet protocol. I’m not sure this will do much but it sure would be nice for ISP’s to start supporting IPv6. You should test if you network (from the ISP level down to your computer itself) is capable of reaching IPv6 sites. Though for this upcoming test by the sites, as long as you can reach sites that have a Dual Stack DNS record (ie. sites that have both IPv4 and IPv6 DNS records) you’ll be fine.