Alex Payne – Shortchanging Your Business with User-Hostile Platforms

Humans are gifted with extremely sensitive bullshit detectors. The average computer user may not internalize the difference between an AIR app and a native app, but he knows when something doesn’t feel right or work correctly. Your tech-stunted uncle may not ever request a “native app” by name, but he’ll sure complain about his computer acting funny. People aren’t dumb.

You better believe that this isn’t just about AIR. As mobile apps become a mandatory part of doing business, more and more cross-platform mobile frameworks are cropping up. As with every cross-platform framework to date, only one in a pile of the resulting applications might even begin to pass for native. These apps just ain’t right, and people can tell.

via Alex Payne – Shortchanging Your Business with User-Hostile Platforms. Cross platform means it does nothing great and everything sub-par at best. Native applications make wind up costing more and take more time, but the advantage is customers that actually enjoy using your app.