NYTimes.com – From Sputnik to SunShot

Just as President Kennedy pledged in 1961 that the United States would land an astronaut on the moon by the end of that decade — a moonshot — Dr. Chu said the United States should attempt a “sunshot” by aiming to cut the cost of solar power by about three-quarters by the end of this decade, to $1 a watt for utility-scale projects. That would translate to an end-user price of about 6 cents per kilowatt-hour, he said. “That would make solar energy cost competitive with other forms of energy without subsidies of any kind,” he said in a conference call with reporters on Friday.

The department said it had spent $1 billion on solar in the last 10 years, and it took partial credit for the price of solar power falling 60 percent since 1995.

via NYTimes.com – From Sputnik to SunShot. 60% drop in about 15 years, another 75% percent drop over next decade with more emphasis on renewable energy sources seems totally doable.



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