Quora – Life Without Photoshop by Joel Lewenstein

When Rebekah Cox first described the product design process at Quora, one of the biggest surprises was the absence of Photoshop. She said that every part of Quora.com was designed in code from Day 1. I asked a few incredulous questions, nodded politely, and figured that once I started work I would surely continue my love affair with the Creative Suite.

6 months later, I’m a convert. Almost every feature I’ve worked on at Quora has been designed exclusively in code, from concept to iteration to launch. As my copy of Photoshop accumulates dust, I’ve come to see the myriad benefits of this system:

via Quora – Life Without Photoshop by Joel Lewenstein. What happens when you throw Photoshop out of your prototyping work-flow.



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