Alex Payne – Advising Simperium

Dropbox is the clear leader in syncing raw bits today. They do a great job at it. The latest version of Simplenote supports syncing to Dropbox because it’s so darn useful. That said, Dropbox isn’t a solution for the problem of syncing structured documents. You can build that extra sync layer, but isn’t easy, particularly if you’re a developer who’s never built a sync solution before. The beleaguered developers at Cultured Code know all too well that this is a hard problem. Right now, sync is a problem that’s getting solved by developers over and over again in slightly different ways; some better, some worse.

What Simperium will eventually offer is an easy-to-use platform for building apps that sync. I’m happy to announce that I’m now an advisor to and a (very minor) investor in Simperium. I haven’t worked on sync systems, but I am hoping that I can provide some insight to the Simperium team on building a developer platform and scaling out their backend systems.

via Alex Payne – Advising Simperium. Sure everybody uses Dropbox but storing/reading text files isn’t the solution, there needs to be a modern solution to synching.