ignore the code – Multitasking

The fact that the iPad only lets me see one app at a time often does not help me focus.4 Instead, it forces me to switch between apps constantly, thus preventing me from focusing on my task. Every time I have to deal with the iPad’s task switching, I’m interrupted.

For some tasks, letting applications take up the whole screen is useful. Applications like Garage Band or Writer make good use of the screen. But a lot of the time, allowing more than one app to occupy the screen can actually help people focus, because human tasks are often not as simple as computer tasks, and may require people to be able to see more than just a single application.

via ignore the code – Multitasking. Good point and it’s the main reason why I lean away from purchasing an iPad, most of my daily tasks require more than a single task to occur on the computer, for me a single task, but for the computer multiple tasks. App switching is ok but not really a useful solution for my daily workflow.



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