Mark Story – My thoughts on the built-in php server

Earlier today I saw the announcement that PHP5.4 will have a built-in web server . I mentioned on twitter that I wasn’t too happy about the server being added. In the discussion that followed, I feel like I wasn’t able to properly convey my thoughts through tweets. I figured I might be able to better explain myself in a post.

I have mixed feelings about the built-in web server to be honest. Having a low effort web server is great for lowering the barrier to entry when building things with PHP. I can also appreciate the instantaneous feedback you get from a simple command line server, and not needing to fiddle with Apache or other more complex web servers. All of these things seem really great in isolation, and when you ignore some of the problems that it creates.

I can think of a few problems that the new command line server creates. First, while its intended for quick and dirty development, it will invariably end up being used as a production server somewhere. PHP already has a spotty track record with providing features meant to be helpful, but later become painful. I’m thinking of things like magic quotes and register globals. All of these features were at some level intended to make development easier. Instead they have become huge headaches, and are only now being removed.

via Mark Story – My thoughts on the built-in php server. I think he reached into my brain and said exactly what I was thinking.