Eric’s Archived Thoughts – Searching For Mark Pilgrim

Just yesterday, I took a screenshot of the title page of Dive Into HTML5 to include in a presentation as a highly recommended resource. Now it’s gone. That site, along with all the other “Dive Into…” sites (Accessibility, Python, Greasemonkey, etc.) and, is returning an HTTP “410 Gone” message. Mark’s Github, Google+, Reddit, and Twitter accounts have all been deleted. And attempts to email him have been bounced back.

via Eric’s Archived Thoughts – Searching For Mark Pilgrim. It would be quite depressing not to have those resources available, Dive Into HTML5 was "the" online resource for HTML5. I can’t speak for knowing Mark Pilgrim personally but his work has been awesome.

Update: 11:30pm: “The communication was specifically verified, it was him, and that’s that. That was the single hardest decision I’ve had to make this year.”!/textfiles/status/121436401131716608 Nice to hear.