Category: Communication

  • Meetup Talk on Building APIs

    I spoke on Building APIs, focusing mostly on the upfront design of APIs, at the most recent Las Vegas PHP Meetup. Overall this was defiantly one of my better talks with lots of good feedback. One key things helped I believe in the preparation and eventual presentation of the talk. I presented a rough version […]

  • Lighting Talk at CakeFest 2015: Projects Are Better When Maintained

    At this year’s CakeFest I gave a lighting talk titled “Projects Are Better When Maintained”.

  • Meetup Talk on CakePHP 3.0: The Cake Isn’t a Lie and It Tastes Delicious

    Meetup talk covering the basics of CakePHP 3.0.

  • Talks I’ve Given In The Past Few Months

    I’ve been doing some public speaking over the past few months, here’s what I’ve done.

  • 10 Years

    So for the tenth anniversary, the Zen Garden is open for business once more. I’ve thrown the codebase on Github, given the dusty copy a refresh, started the conversion of the site to HTML5, and brought all of the existing designs kicking and screaming into the modern age. The work isn’t done yet, but it’s […]

  • Line Clampin’ | CSS-Tricks

    You want X lines of text. Anything after that, gracefully cut off. That’s “line clamping” and it is a perfectly legit desire. When you can count on text being a certain number of lines, you can create stronger and more reliable grids from the elements that contain that text, as well as achieve some symmetric […]

  • Hex Color Tool

    I needed a tool that either added white or black to a hex color. Launching Photoshop just to drag a color picker around wasn’t cutting it. I looked around for a web app that would do this but unfortunately most good programmers are terrible designers. I built HexColorTool to fill the gap. It’s responsive too! […]

  • Users’ Pagination Preferences and ‘View All’

    When providing a choice of display options, the computer should almost always respect the user’s stated preference and employ it as the default the next time around. I am amazed at how many sites and applications don’t do this and instead force users to repeat their choices again and again. In short do pagination but […]

  • Frankie Roberto – Responsive Text

    In agreement, nifty idea, but defiantly unsure of the practical application.

  • Tinycon – Favicon Alerts

    Pretty sure I could count the number of times I actually looked at a favicon alert on one hand, that being said nice work.