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  • Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret – Lifehacker

    Productivity tips from Jerry Seinfeld.

  • ScottEVest’s – Awesomeness In A Single Jacket

    Review of ScottEVests – awesome jackets to carry around everything you own.

  • Because I Don’t Know Enough About Geek Culture

    So go and find out more about Geek Culture. It does include me all in there technology/debate/Star Wars. Geek is really just another term for someone who is overly enthused about a certain subject area.

  • Updates to Netflix for Books

    As an update on my idea for a Netflix type system for books. I realized while discussing the idea with family members over the weekend that there is one important change that probably needs to be made. To make this idea a viable business you would almost have to only allow for e-books. While you […]

  • Netflix for Books

    The tweet that spawned this post Netflix in case you haven’t heard of it is system whereby you give them money and they send you movies by mail that you can keep for as long as you want. No late fees, no extra charges on your account. Mail back the movie in their pre-paid envelope […]

  • Moving Forward and Upward: 2009 Edition

    Starting Monday I will have a new job working as a Web Developer at Smartfield. I have enjoyed my time working for Accade and I wish all the best for the company. Smartfield sells sensors to farmers that build a statistical model for how the plants in the field will perform. My job will be […]

  • Yes I’ve Been Memed

    Yep, I’ve been memmed, so stand back and watch me talk about myself for a few minutes and learn something. I despise bananas I enjoy banana nut bread and Post Banana Nut Cereal, crazy I know I got my first set of contacts around Thanksgiving and, I absolutely love them. The optometrist asked me if […]

  • Transitions

    I’m a little late in writing this, but earlier this week coinciding with the transition in our government, I made a personal transition. I accepted a position with Simple Web Works, a Web Design and Development firm located here in Lubbock. I will be working with them as a part-time Web Developer (PHP, SQL, JavaScript, […]

  • links for 2008-12-17

    Lessons From the Chicago Sit-In – Economix Blog – Does a low help that isn't enforced? (tags: crime law usa politics economics) BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | China 'bans BBC Chinese website' Sites that were unblocked during the Olympics are being re-blocked. (tags: china politics freedom internet censorship media) Obama’s $10 Billion Promise Stirs […]

  • Travel Day

    Today I’m in DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) for work, and I have a bunch of thoughts running through my head about different things, so this is a post without any real clear topic, but more of a ramble of what’s going on in my head tonight. I need to do a post about the election and […]