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Presentation on Unit Testing Inertia

I gave a talk on Tuesday at the Las Vegas PHP Meetup Group titled Unit Testing Inertia.

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Talks I’ve Given In The Past Few Months

I’ve been doing some public speaking over the past few months, here’s what I’ve done.

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Google’s Buildings Hackable

We reported this issue to the Google Vulnerability Rewards Program (VRP). After much heckling from my former colleagues at Google, they quickly pulled this system offline. We also applaud Google for creating a program like the VRP and giving us

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Linode Manager Two-Step Authentication

We’re pleased to announce two-step verification as an optional extra layer of protection for your Linode account. Once enabled, logging in will require a six-digit security token in addition to your username and password. Happy to see Linode taking this

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The Word of Notch – On Patents

Notch (the guy who started Minecraft) has a really good piece on why patents are a bad idea.

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Mailinator(tm) Blog – How Mailinator compresses email by 90%

A fun journey through algorithms to find a solution to getting some awesome compression stats.

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ArsTechnica – High Orbits and Slowlorises: understanding the Anonymous attack tools

Fascinating look into both some of the tools Anonymous uses to launch it’s attacks and how it/they attempt to stay anonymous.

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Backups, Automated and Off Site

One of the biggest issues in running a server is making sure if everything disappears you can be up and running as quickly as possible. So how do I do it?

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Short Link: – Fantastical and language detection

That is practically the definition of great software, causing your users delight in the everyday workings.

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Short Link: – Defend our freedom to share (or why SOPA is a bad idea)

Clay Shirky delivers a clear and cogent history and explanation of PIPA/SOPA, walking through through both the intent and what the ramifications of the bill and how it changes the entire legal system under which websites operate.

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