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  • links for 2009-11-29

    National Partnership for Women & Families: U.S. Rates of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis Continue To Rise, CDC Study Says "Rates of the three most common sexually transmitted infections in the U.S. — chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis — continue to increase, especially among teenagers, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study released Monday, Reuters […]

  • links for 2009-11-28

    In The Age Of Realtime, Twitter Is Walter Cronkite "That said, there is no denying that right now, Twitter, the brand, is the winning channel for this new type of news consumption. It’s the Walter Cronkite for real-time information. And when the next major event happens, an increasing number of us will be huddled around […]

  • links for 2009-11-27

    matt langer – What am I not grateful for this Thanksgiving?… "What am I not grateful for this Thanksgiving? Being the guy who “knows stuff about computers”." (tags: technology cloudcomputing windows techsupport family humor) What Startups Are Really Like "Unconsciously, everyone expects a startup to be like a job, and that explains most of the […]

  • links for 2009-11-26

    Clients From Hell : Prospective client: $400 for a logo?! Why are you… "Prospective client: $400 for a logo?! Why are you so expensive? My nephew has Photoshop—I can just get him to do it." Beyond beautiful response. (tags: humor design webdesign graphics)

  • links for 2009-11-25

    Non Sequitur — UCLICK Social networking lets me resent more people. (tags: socialnetworking humor comic twitter facebook nonsequitur) Get Fuzzy free online comic strip library at "Cats don't do anything" (tags: humor comic getfuzzy) Underscore.js "Underscore is a utility-belt library for JavaScript that provides a lot of the functional programming support that you […]

  • links for 2009-11-24

    Non Sequitur — UCLICK Always going for a pun, that's a geek. (tags: humor geek comic nonsequitur) FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: Is Gallup "upping the sample to black Americans"? "If you're doing a telephone poll and want to oversample Democrats, you can just call states and area codes where more Democrats live. Call New […]

  • links for 2009-11-23

    Patient trapped in a 23-year 'coma' was conscious all along | Mail Online "A man thought by doctors to be in a vegetative state for 23 years was actually conscious the whole time, it was revealed last night. Student Rom Houben was misdiagnosed after a car crash left him totally paralysed. He had no way […]

  • links for 2009-11-22

    Friendly Atheist by @hemantmehta » Stop Using Q&A Time to Pontificate "The problem: Many of those atheists used the time not to ask a question, but to tell everyone about their views of religion. For example, they felt the need to comment on things Wilson argued in the movie. There was no question posed to […]

  • links for 2009-11-21

    Official Google Blog: Automatic captions in YouTube "To help address this challenge, we've combined Google's automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology with the YouTube caption system to offer automatic captions, or auto-caps for short. Auto-caps use the same voice recognition algorithms in Google Voice to automatically generate captions for video. The captions will not always be […]

  • links for 2009-11-20

    ★ The OS Opportunity "That’s not the way things are today. Sure, there are massive business markets where Windows remains essential. But the Web is a bigger platform than Windows. The Web is universal. Every computer is on the Web. The Web provides us with a core set of software and APIs that work everywhere. […]