None of what I post is in any shape or form anything but the personal ideas of myself, they are not the ideas nor do they represent any ideas of my present or past companies. I do feel that any person no matter how much they disagree with me can have and probably does in almost all cases perfectly good and valid reasons for their viewpoint, no matter how different from my own. As such I will not force my ideas on any person and I also do not wish any of my readers to force their ideas on anyone else. All people should be willing and able to make intelligent decisions about issues rather than blindly agreeing with one side or the other.

All posts no matter how insane or stupid they may appear to you, will ever be posted just to bring in readers or angry comments. These posts are all ideas that I feel very strongly about and will not say something just to drive people here and get them to post negative comments about me. I don’t do this for attention or to gather a bunch of angry readers. I write publicly on this site to promote open discussion on a wide range of topics that I personally feel are important.