Tag: 2008

  • TED Is Far From Useless

    Short intro: It’s good to be back and blogging, sorry about the delay, but hey it took a long time to get stuff working again. So no more excuses onto the business of the day. Umair Haque, today wrote a blog post about TED. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) for those of you who haven’t heard […]

  • Resolutions for the New Year

    For me heading to see my family for my vacation is not a vacation. I don’t get any real work done and I don’t really relax in any sense of the word. Owing to that and seeing as how school starts back up in a week, I’m going to do a light and more than […]

  • Newest Project

    I thought with the lack of news going on this week, I would provide some info onto what I am currently working on. I have decided to create a library organization software, both to fulfill a need in my life and to experiment with some new technologies for myself. The eventual goal is to create […]