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Adobe donates Flex to foundation in community-friendly exit strategy

First Adobe kills Mobile Flash and now Flex looks like it’s about to wither away.

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PCMag – Google Patches Flash Zero Day Bug, Jumps the Gun on Adobe Again

The bad habit isn’t Google patching security holes it’s Adobe not patching them first.

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Call Me Fishmeal – Adobe & Microsoft, Sitting in a Tree. W-T-F-I-N-G?

Adobe and Microsoft, team up to kill themselves.

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Daring Fireball – How to Judge the Battle Between Apple and Adobe Regarding Flash

What to consider a win for Adobe or Apple.

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Stack Overflow – Flash CS4 refuses to let go

Really funny story involving namespaces and CS4.

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Daily Links April 9th, 2008

Lots of news from Yahoo in it’s efforts to fight off the takeover offer from Microsoft. Yahoo announced they will go through a two week trial period outsourcing their search ads to Google News Corp is in talks to join

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Firefox Code Base Analysis

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser, that has gathered just over 11% of the internet browser market, an impressive movement for a browser that has to be physically downloaded onto a person’s computer and is not known outside of

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